GORILLA FCS II Darkside Hyper Blam Medium Tri-Quad Fins

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The Gorilla Grip x FCS II Darkside Hyper Blam Medium Tri-Quad Fin Set is the ultimate arsenal you need to get hyper-shacked in a wide range of conditions (i.e. anything from 2 to 10 feet). These eye-catching Machete template fins deliver a great blend of speed and control and can be configured into thruster or quad positions depending on the day's needs.

Product Details


RTM  Made in a mold with fiberglass and resin.


Gorilla Machete Template  Good for ripping all sorts of juice.

Flat Foil (Side Fins)  Delivers fast, controlled directional changes.

Ideal Conditions  A wide range of conditions, anything from 2 to 10 ft surf.


5 Fins


  • Material:Fiberglass

  • Fin Category:Thruster (Tri), Quad, 5-Fin

  • Fin Box Compatibility:FCS II

  • Includes:5 Fins

  • Rider Size:M (145 - 195 lbs)

Size Medium
Rider Size M (145 - 195 lbs)