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New TPR Technology. A comfortable high thrust fin suited to bodyboarders and swimmers.

Material:  TPR
A unique combination of Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) and 100% Natural Rubber, designed to maximise power to kick ratio.
Rails:  V-RAIL
Hydro's patented V Rail Design creates more surface area to increase kick thrust.

• Designed to avoid the fin catching when bodyboarders ride in the dropknee position.
• Toe drain hole to ensure water & sand are efficiently flushed.
• Contour Ankle strap designed to ensure maximum comfort.
• Bars on the underside of the blade that provide rigidity, durability and stronger thrust.


Small: UK 5-6
Medium: UK 7-8
Medium-large: UK 8-9
Large: UK 9-10
Extra Large: UK 11-12